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NHIPAC supports legislation that advances the PAC’s mission of an Independent New Hampshire. If you would like to speak more about our legislative priorities, please contact us.

2022 Constitutional Amendment Concurrent Resolution relating to Independence

Watch the state house and committee deliberations from 2022 – stay tuned for the next attempt! Read the full text here:

Endorsed 2023 Legislation

HB86 – Relative to prohibiting the state from contracting with Chinese government owned or affiliated technology manufacturers.

HB96 – Recognizing May 3rd as “Old Man of the Mountain Day”

HB135 – Prohibiting no-knock warrants.

HB299 – Relative to requiring an official declaration of war for the activation of the New Hampshire National Guard Vice-Chairman’s Testimony

HB305 – Relative to exceptions for violations related to Presidential Executive Orders governing the keeping or bearing of arms.

HB314 – Relative to the expectation of privacy in the collection and use of personal information.

HB339 – Prohibiting the investment of state funds in any company participating in a boycott of Israel. Chairman’s Testimony (Opposing)

HB474 – Relative to enforcement of federal firearms laws and establishing penalties.

HB512 – Exempting firearms manufactured in New Hampshire from federal laws and regulations.

HB593 – Relative to the forfeiture of assets in connection with a drug offense.

HB647 – Relative to causes of action for individual rights.

HB648 – Relative to establishing a state bank of New Hampshire.

HCR 3 – Relative to affirming states’ power over the federal constitution.

HCR 6 – Relative to Condemning the use of violence against supporters of self governance Chairman’s Testimony

HR16 – Relative to the Internal Revenue Service

Endorsed 2024 Legislation: Coming soon!

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