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NHIPAC hosts and attends events to discuss and promote an independent new Hampshire. You can learn more about our leadership by clicking here, and invite our team to speak at your event by contacting us.


3.15-17-24: #NHExit @ Liberty Forum

6.17-24.24: #NHExit @ Porcfest

7.4.24 Independence Rally @ the NH State House


8.24.22: Ballot Law Commission Hearing Protest

10.7.22: Weare Free Fair

2.4.23: NH House Nullification Caucus

3.3.23 – 3.5.23: NHIPAC at Liberty Forum

6.19.23 – 6.25.23: NHIPAC at PorcFest

6.26.23: Defend the Guard Rally @ Loudon Country Club

6.27.23: Noble 9 Court Trial – Concord

7.12.23-7.15.23: Freedomfest W/the Club 75 Alliance

9.26.23 Re-Declaration of Independence @ the State House

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