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October 10, 2023

New New Hampshire Bill Could Trigger Secession if National Debt Reaches $40 Trillion

NEW HAMPSHIRE – In a move that underscores the state’s deep concern over the escalating national debt, State Representative Jason Gerhard (R – Merrimack 25) has sponsored a groundbreaking bill. This legislation, if passed, would allow voters to amend the New Hampshire Constitution, declaring that the state will secede from the United States should the national debt reach a staggering $40 trillion. Currently, the debt sits at $33 trillion. 

Representative Gerhard stated, “It’s time politicians are honest with the People. This national debt is a total scam. It’s completely unpayable. Paying the interest on this bogus debt is currently the fourth largest budget item and quickly approaching the number three spot. All our money is created out of debt, yet the interest due on it is not created. How could you ever pay it off?

“Past generations fought the mega-corporations of their day. It was the British East India Company’s tea that ended up in Boston Harbor helping kick off the American Revolution. All 92,000 pounds of it. Today we face the big three mega-corporations that are the largest owners of 88% of the S&P 500: BlackRock, Vanguard, and State Street. There can be no doubt that the national government is looking out for their own interests and those of the mega-corporations paying for their campaigns over the needs of the average New Hampshire voter. 

“Asking the voters of this state if they want to remain in a relationship with a federal government that has more interest in funding wars overseas, than supporting the needy within her own borders is the very least I can do to promote life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Live free or Die!”

Carla Gericke, President Emeritus of the Free State Project, commented on the initiative, stating, “This bill is not just about numbers, it’s about principles. New Hampshire has a rich history of valuing fiscal responsibility above legislative wish-lists. It’s only fitting that we consider every option at our disposal when faced with a national debt that threatens that very value.” Gericke continued, “We pay more in taxes to the federal government every year than we receive in federal funding. Despite this investment, inflation is still sky-high, they won’t bother to fix our border, and healthcare is unattainable for most Americans. If it gets any worse, New Hampshire deserves the right to make our own choices about our future.”

Matt Sabourin dit Choinière, Chairman of the New Hampshire Independence Political Action Committee, further illustrated “The political situation in this country has only worsened in my lifetime, and for voters who are dissatisfied with the choices they have for federal offices this election cycle, it’s important for them to realize there’s another option.”

Upon its introduction, the bill will undergo an evaluation in committee. If it is subsequently passed, New Hampshire’s voters will have the opportunity to vote on the amendment in the subsequent general election cycle. 


Available for interview: 

Carla Gericke

Carla Gericke is President Emeritus of the Free State Project, a mass migration of more than 20,000 individuals who have or have pledged to move to New Hampshire to concentrate their numbers in a single state for the purpose of preserving liberty. 

Having emigrated to the United States from South Africa in 1996, she is also an author, activist, attorney, and former candidate for the New Hampshire State Senate. In 2014, after winning a First Circuit Court of Appeals case that affirmed the right to film police officers, she was named one of New Hampshire Magazine’s ‘Remarkable Women’ of the year. 

Matt Sabourin dit Choinière

Matt is the Chairman of the New Hampshire Independence Political Action Committee (NHIPAC), a state-registered committee dedicated to supporting legislators and legislation that will lead to an independent New Hampshire. NHIPAC supported 5 house candidates to successful victories in the 2022 NH elections, and is an advisor to the NH House Nullification Caucus. He is a former Air Force Officer with a B.S. in Environmental Engineering from Clarkson University in Potsdam, NY. He currently works as a wireless sales professional on the New Hampshire Seacoast. Additionally, he is also a PADI certified Master SCUBA Diver and an Eagle Scout.

About the Sponsor: 

Jason Gerhard

Jason Gerhard was shaped by a family background rooted in carpentry and education. In 2007, he was sentenced to 20 years in prison for assisting the elderly New Hampshire couple Ed and Elaine Brown during their 10 month standoff over the federal income tax. Ultimately serving approximately 12 ½  years before an early release.

His political journey began with a run for Northfield selectman in 2021, a race he didn’t win. In the 2022 election cycle, he unseated a Republican incumbent in the New Hampshire House of Representatives and went on to win the general election. Now a legislator and self-employed aspiring carpenter, he embodies a story of transformation and resilience, shaped by his upbringing, incarceration, and public service.

Representative Gerhard posts on Twitter @JasonGerhardNH and on his campaign website


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